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What is a Coffee recipe ?

Updated: Apr 23

A coffee recipe is basically a set of three variables:

  • the ratio of coffee to water

  • the grind size

  • the water temperature

These elements will change depending on the method of extraction and desired outcome.

Espresso machine

The ratio is ideally between 1:1.5 and 1:3 (1g coffee per 1.5g/3g water) and the grind size is very small. The extraction is acheived through high pressure, which is why the ratio is also small.

Filter coffee / pour over / stove top / french press / aeropress / delter press

Basically, all the other types of extraction share a similar ratio, around 1:15 - 1:17. The grind size is different for every one of these techniques, but much more coarse than for espresso.

Below are a few recipes.

Technique: French Press

Equipment: French press, teaspoon

Ratio: 1:15 - 1:17


For 1 serve, drop 15g (about 3/3.5 tsp) of ground Milky Chance Blend in to a French press. Pour 225 to 255ml near boiling water (around 95 degrees), and agitate. Wait a couple of minutes and press the strainer to the bottom of the server. Your delicious coffee is ready.

Technique: v60 Pour Over

Equipment: v60 filter paper, v60 dripper, server

Ratio: 1:15 - 1:17


There are different brewing methods for this technique. The 4:6 method is the one I use the most.

For 1 serve, place the dripper with paper already inserted over your serving vessel, and rinse with hot water to prime the system. Discard this water once it has run through. Using 15g of ground Malawi Chanya, place it in the filter, making sure the surface is level; this will ensure the extraction is as even as possible. You will need the same amount of water as above, at about the same temperature.

Step 1, the bloom, pour 1/5 of the water on the coffee and leave 30 sec.

Step 2, pour another 1/5 of water and leave again 30 sec.

Step 3, pour evenly, in circle the remain of the water. With a teaspoon, stir gently in a few big circles. Wait until the water has finished running through the grounds, and your delicious washed process single origin filter coffee is ready!

Note: at all stages, pour the water evenly, in even circles, not too fast.

Technique: Clever Dripper

Equipment: Clever Dripper, filter paper, teaspoon, server

Ratio: 1:15 - 1:17


Put the filter paper in the Clever Dripper, rinse it and discard the water. On a flat surface, add 15g of ground Ethiopia Ayele Fulasa to the filter, as evenly as possible. Pour about 50ml of water and wait 30 seconds, then pour the remaining water. Agitate a little, leave the coffee to brew for 2 and a half minutes. After this time, place the dripper on the server and the water will drop by itself from the bottom. Your Natural process single origin filter coffee is ready.

Technique: Stove Top

Equipment: Stove top brewer, stove

Ratio: 1:15 - 1:17


This one is equipment dependent, as there are many sizes of stove top brewer available; this method requires a little finesse.

First, fill the bottom half of the brewer to just below the height of the pressure release valve. Place your ground Good News Blend in the basket of the stove top, packing it down somewhere between an espresso basket and just dropping it in. Put all the pieces together and get it on a medium heat. Once the water boils, remove from the heat immediately. Leave to cool and once it is, your delicious blend coffee is ready.

I will post more recipes and brew guides over the coming weeks and months to help you find your favourite.

Meanwhile, the best advice I have for you is to enjoy your delicious coffee!

Thanks, and see you soon.

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