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Wallows Coffee : November Subscription

Coffee & music is the perfect combination! If anyone has been to any of our events or stopped by our facility you will know we love some good tunes whilst working & roasting.

Well over the last few months we have had the opportunity to work on a project that takes the combo of coffee and music to the next level!

We had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with North American indie rock band Wallows on two coffee’s inspired by their new EP ‘Remote’ release on October 23rd.

This project allowed us to have the music we listen to inspire our choices in selecting, developing & creating a coffee. So where do you start in making a coffee that is inspired by a song?

Well, when Caleb starts the process of creating a new coffee be it for Curators, a client or in this case a band we need to understand the inspiration for this coffee. This can sometimes be a challenging conversation but in this case, the inspiration came not from a cafe owner's geographical demographic or market opportunity but a clear and open field to allow us to create a coffee that partners and showcases these tracks.

The first coffee we created was to be paired with Wallows track ‘Are You Bored Yet’ this is so smooth and sweet with a hook you can't forget. With us working on this particular coffee over the lockdown, the tune was ringing true in our ears as we as a team were fighting the boredom & uncertainty of the time. We hear this track & was able to see ourselves comfy sitting and having a nice Flat White on a cold morning providing us with a balanced cup we could drink for days.

With this in mind, we couldn’t get away from it being an espresso/milk-based blend. We had the vision to create a coffee that would have a balanced milk chocolate base with syrupy sweet red fruits to keep you coming back for more just like this track. We combined the timeless duo of Brazil & Ethiopia naturally processed coffees. Brazil is like our baseline of this blend providing the Chocolate body and when paired with the Sweet red fruits of this Ethiopian we get a fusion that results in tasting notes of a Chocolate & Raspberry tart which is buttery just like shortcrust pastry.

The second coffee we created is named after the single from the new EP ‘ REMOTE’ Nobody Gets Me (Like You). For this coffee. we wanted to match this tracks experimental new style for the band and create a filter coffee blend. This Coffee is a trio just like Wallows themselves with two Honey processed El Salvadorian Coffees from Santa Rosa lot 14 and Villa Galicia respectively & a burst of fruits from our Ethiopian Uraga to round it out.

The filter blend has a green grape acidity with a juicy red plum body. Lingering notes are most like caramel and honey, this is a filter coffee you won't be able to get out of your head.

We are lucky enough to be able to offer both coffees in our limited gift packs for the month of November as well as in our November Subscriptions so be sure to grab yourself one whilst stocks last and listen to some damn good tunes with some damn good coffees!

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