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The Rusty Roaster : September Subscription

We are so excited to have the chance to introduce you all to this absolute gem of a roaster & human! Ross is the man behind the Rusty Roaster and has spent years setting up and running successful cafes across Sydney. Ross has been working with us at Specialty Coffee Curators developing his blends and product offerings over the last 18 months and has resulted in what we are showcasing to you in this very box along with much more!

It is awesome to be able to showcase what a hardworking and dedicated industry professional can create and achieve, Ross has dabbled with roasting all through his career as a cafe owner from the humble beginnings of setting up his very own small scale roaster in his garage and hundreds of hours spent experimenting and developing his ideal blend all the way to today, being able to produce and serve his creations to everyone from home enthusiasts and direct to cafes also.

Watching Ross as a service professional communicating with his customers is truly inspiring. He is warm, welcoming, and genuine while being incredibly fast-paced behind the bar, it's like watching a swan glide through a lake. Serious #hospitalitygoals !

Below are what Ross describes his coffee to be like in the September WAC Subscription Boxes!

Rusty Roaster Blend : "I wanted to be able to create a coffee that I could be proud of and I am so excited to say that after the hours on the roaster in my garage & on the tools with Caleb and the team at Coffee Curators. We have been able to create a coffee that is my ideal representation of balanced full-bodied caramel, toffee & Buttery finish."

Ethiopia Guji Uraga : " Whenever I am asked my favourite coffee origin, I cannot go past an amazing Ethiopian natural & this fresh crop Uraga Natural is just that. A pleasure to profile on the roaster with tasting notes of strawberries, Nectarines, and sweet candied lemons."

We cannot wait to see what Ross has planned for his future projects. New venues, Roaster refurbishment whichever, we know this man is going to create something great! Stay updated with Ross's projects by following @therustyroaster on Instagram, or head down to 184 Victoria Road Gladesville, NSW 2111 for a coffee from the man himself.

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