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Dialing in [Espresso] : Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Natural

Starting off...

The group of varietals of Sachimore was cultivated with parenting varietals of Hibrido de Timor and the Villa Sachi, making it leaf rust and coffee berry & stem borer resistant. A varietal that chose to adapt! We wanted to shout out to our amazing community who are adapting to the new way of life, and to people who take their part to keep our community safe! And soon hopefully, we will become a disease-resistant community!    For a varietal that was initially built for resistance, we could not believe the complex tropical, and stonefruit notes of white peach, apricots, passionfruit and even berries!  

Staring off with a general brew ratio of 1:2.

The first shot was salty and sour. For the next shot, I wanted to slow down the extraction by grinding my coffee finer, giving more contact time between the water and coffee, ultimately extracting more out of the coffee.

I ground the beans at the finest setting our EK could grind. I could taste the peach notes at the aftertaste but generally it was still sour. For my next cup, I decided to extract more.

Increasing yield brought the peach and nectarines flavours forward with bright grapefruit acidity. It was a tasty espresso with a moreish aftertaste, I wanted to experiment with extracting more.

The cup was sweet with fruit notes still present but aftertaste was now dry and dusty? Also reminded me of an overripe fruit.

The sweet spot for the Hacidenda Sonora on our equipment was

D: 20g

Y: 44g

T: 18s

The bright apricot and nectarine notes with the clean grapefruit acidity are what you should look for when having the Costa Rican as an espresso. The lingering caramel finish has you wanting more .

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