Hello there! We are Curators!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Specialty Coffee Curators, we face other cafes and roasters who are in need of space, equipment and education to build their own brand. Those people who look to get in to the industry also come to us for education as we have access to the finest equipment and barista training courses.

2020 Would have been our second year trading and so far we had amazing chances to build signature coffee blends for first time cafe owners, had roasters roast their own coffee, sharing flavours, watched friends who have trained in our facility get jobs in our industry to getting to cheer for barista competitors who practiced in our space win awards. We held some killer events too! It was a really exciting growth stage for our team. 

With the hit of the pandamic (COVID-19) many of our clients have closed down and our communal facility in Marrickville came so close to closing our doors with no more demand for what we supply. 


We had to get creative in the way we trade in order to keep our income, and to protect what we’ve worked so hard for. Coffee Curators is more than just a workplace for all of us. It’s a place where we were able to learn and grow not just professionally but as individuals too.


We have access to amazing quality coffee, industry-best equipment and so much positivity in our team! so here we are, to keep our lights on and to fight through this pandemic, hopefully with the support from you guys till (and after) this crazy pandemic passes and things go back to somewhat normal.

Meet   our team!


To me, Curators is built on a core set of principles or values.

"Good people doing good Things for Good reasons"

My name is Caleb Holstein

I am a proud coatsie having grown up and raised on the central coast of NSW. I had been fortunate enough to have grown up around the world of small business and the raw reality and hard work that is taken to develop, manage and grow a business from an idea or concept into reality.


Having this amazing and un orthodoxe apprenticeship at the hands of my two amazing parents & four inspiriging siblings I was able to have part owned and run my own cafe's & take away shops all at such a young age & with a wealth of amazing teachers.


I have since taken all these amazing opportunities and experiences I gained through these years along with my years working abroad & my time contract roasting for a diverse range of clientele and have collated it all to create Coffee Curators, a facility built to empower & inspire people to create, develop & grow in the coffee industry.


My name is Pauline and I come from France.

My adventure started a few years ago, in 2016 when I landed for the first time in Australia.

I first worked in a coffee shop as a waitress, so basically serving drinks and food to customers and this is where I truly discovered coffee.

Almost a year after, I decided to jump actively into the industry.

Started as a barista, my passion for coffee grew as my experience and knowledge did.

As I’ve been in the hospitality industry since I was very little (born in a family business bakery in France), my whole life is about customer service, hospitality.

So after 2 years behind the coffee machine, my wish was to extend my coffee knowledge on other fields which does not imply hospitality.

So I made my way through this new skill, coffee roasting with big support from Caleb at Specialty Coffee Curators, I now develop my skills in his facilities.

I am happy today to share what i do with you, side by side with Bora and Caleb, two of the kindest and generous people I’ve ever met, not to say THE most!

Bonjour Nice People!


Hi, I'm Bora and I have spent the last 7 years working in the hospitality industry in a range of roles from being a waitress, barista, QA for a green importer and through this thankful journey, I have fallen in love with the coffee industry. 

I was the first employee at Coffee Curators back in 2018 and with a job, I got to know a good friend and a mentor Caleb, who has helped me grow in both professional and personal ways and it has been a hell of a ride, to say the least!

Through Coffee Curators I was able to see how a business operates, plan and be a part of amazing coffee events, the insights of coffee production and most importantly meet lovey, passionate and I mean PASSIONATE people of our industry, build relationships and learn from them. I’ve discovered my love for sharing and communicating coffee with everyone from beginners, enthusiasts all the way to coffee professionals.

Currently, I get to work with a team who is kind-hearted and focused and I'm constantly given opportunities to grow. Now if this was just the last two years, I cannot wait to see what the future awaits for me and what we can create together as Coffee Curators!

I like to make coffee, talk to humans and dogs!

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